Friday, 2 March 2012

Famous Films Photo Comic. Part I: The Curse of Frankenstein

Long before VHS and DVD/Blu-ray, the only way of seeing films was in a cinema or maybe on TV, if your family had some cash, 8mm edited highlight reels were also available, so there was a market back in the day for cheap photo-comics, with stills used to tell the story of a movie that perhaps wasn't playing in theatres any more. - Here's an example from Warren Publishing, issue number 2 of their 'Famous Films' mag from 1964,
The Curse of Frankenstein!

Coming Soon: Part II; The Horror of Dracula...

The House by the Cemetery

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 84th Birthday, Tempest Storm!

Legendary American stripper, burlesque star and actress, Tempest Storm was born 84 years ago today. 
Famous for her incredible physical measurements (44DD-25-35) and her naturally red hair, she was featured in numerous men's magazines and burlesque movies, including Russ Meyer's French Peep Show (1950), Paris After Midnight (1951), Striptease Girl (1952), Irving Klaw's Teaserama, (1955) (which also featured Bettie Page) and his Buxom Beautease (1956). The Eye of Agamotto celebrates the incredible career of an American Classic with this gallery of vintage photos. 

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